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    Welcome: Taizhou Kangqian Mechanical Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
    Language: Chinese ∷  English

    About us

          Taizhou Kangqian Mechanical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd ,which is a National High & New Technology Enterprise and also a Private-owned Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, is located in Taizhou New Energy Industrial Park, specializing in casting and machining of all kinds of aluminum parts, with annual capacity of 2,500 tons . The weight of unit casting can be ranged from 50g to 120kg. Our company has comprehensive capabilities of molds designing, manufacturing, production,inspection and service.

          We guarantee every piece of the product and every order to be perfectly conducted, based on our high qualified administration system, excellent management team, stability of the staff, rich experience in casting and machining, advanced technology, and strong technical support.

          We have established good business relationship with the following world famous companies, such as, Sieyuan(ShangHai), Siemens, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Hyosung Heavy Industry, Mitsubishi, ABB, and so on

    ‘Professional, Innovation, Trustworthy& Honesty,Team Spirit’ is our enterprise’s philosophy, which encourages all Kangqian People to advance towards a higher target and a better future!


    Address:23 Shiji Road, Taizhou New Energy Industrial Park,Jiangsu Province, P.R. China

    Contact:Ms. Zhang:0086 15050506826 International Trade

    Tel:0086 523 86585688

    Fax:0086 523 86264222